• Gabi Zinum

    Gabi Zinum

    Urban planner and architect, right after human rights activist. Writer at Curious and Climate Conscious

  • Michael Jennings

    Michael Jennings

  • J Chak

    J Chak

  • Samsi


  • Brian Azevedo

    Brian Azevedo

    Credentialed bozo.

  • Robyn McCullough

    Robyn McCullough

    Management Consultant in the Bay Area | BBA | MPA — University of San Francisco | www.instagram.com/mccullougrs/

  • João Araújo

    João Araújo

  • Liam Hunter-Bailey

    Liam Hunter-Bailey

    Student | British | Travel Lover | English, French and Portuguese | liamhunterbailey@gmail.com | Join my newsletter: https://liamhunterbailey.ck.page/591ec1ec3f

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